VT-NMR Simulation Calculator

Enter Temperature (T) in Kelvin and the rate-constant (k) from the simulation (see H. Reich's WinDNMR).

Contstants: Gas (R), Boltzmann (kb) & Planck's (h) constants.


Download Buttons and Better xspf player

I wanted to know how can I have a "cyber-button" that upon clicking will get your browser to start a download from my server. Here were some useful answers to start:

How to Create an HTML Download Link

Self Extracting Zip File (1) (2)

I also found a website that used a xspf player that included a "shuffle" feature. I thought this was neat and had to have it! I found one with instructions here and here, extracted and uploaded the .fla, .as, and .swf files and presto-blamo it worked.


Don't Call Me Doctor...

Not because I failed. I passed, I just don't yet feel comfortable with the way it sounds. My dissertation defense took place at 2 pm on April 6, 2010. I presented 46 slides which took 45-50 minutes after which I took 4 or 5 questions from the general audience. Following a 5 min. break I entered a private session with my 5 faculty committee members which was a "round-robin" Q&A lasting 2 hours. I botched a few answers, but in the end the committee was satisfied.

Regarding my presentation, I ended up exporting my OOO3 Impress presentation to a PDF and running a slide show with evince! Very fast, hardy solution. Of course I was not able to run my x-ray crystal videos embedded or from a macro. But I had them both queued up in totem and running in the background during the presentation so I could easily pull them up without losing momentum.

So now I just have about a weeks worth of corrections to make to my dissertation and I will submit the final version to the graduate school. I plan to attend a hooding ceremony at commencement on May 22.