Goodbye Facebook.

Ridiculous! I never actively use my facebook account any more... and I have my reasons... regardless, I wanted to let people know that I'm moving on, past the "social networking" (which used to be something you did with people at a dinner party or on their porch with a beer and some crisps) websites, and I couldn't even accomplish this.  Apparently facebook is so corrupt that you need to decrypt some obscure esoteric text and enter it into a box just to post something.  Or alternatively listen to some garbled message and enter that instead.  Furthermore, there are so many freakin widgets, photos, and crap that you need a speedy proc and connection to get it to move.  The next paragraph was intended for my facebook cohorts...but alas, I gave up on posting it.  I would send an email blast but I think that would be too pretentious.  I doubt I'll be missed as I was never active in poking anyone anyway.  Here's the message I intended to post:

I'm leaving facebook. Social networking sites are not for me. I stay connected to people I see face-to-face. Keeping touch long distance is easy with e-mail. Facebook is just too frivalous with all its "ice-breaker" gimicks, poking, time-wasters, etc. I enjoy annonymity and don't really want to know as much about others as they are often willing to share. I would appreciate if people asked permission before posting my image online or images of my family. I will, however, be hippocritically keeping my introvertedness public by blogging on topics that interest me. I will be deleting this (facebook) profile on July 4, 2009 to celebrate my independence. You may find what I'm thinking about/working on at my new blog: 

Of course you can email me as well...

Farewell Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, ...

So there it is.  I also tried to delete an old MySpace profile of the same name as this blog and failed.  I guess I'm not as computer savvy as I had thought...or is this just "the man bringing me down?"  For real 'Networking' I am still entertaining the continued casual use of LinkedIn...until it becomes useless as well.

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