ChemPup-0.2.0: Wife Tested...trouble in paradise

I had my wife try to do a first boot of ChemPup-0.1.5 and get through it without any instruction or interference....it didn't go the way I had hoped but nevertheless was a very valuable trial that lead to several improvements. She had significant trouble with the initial Puppy boot since it asks a couple tough questions about hardware configuration: mouse type, and monitor type. It's true, once a windows only user I can attest that determining my screen size and resolution presented some challenge when I first tinkered with DSL. So the first critical change is to provide step-by-step documentation on the initial boot that can be read and printed from the users current Windows OS or otherwise sent as a hard copy.

Once we made it past boot-up, I found that I had serious desktop icon arrangement problems depending on the size screen I booted on. Now I know why Barry K arranged all the icons to the referenced upper left hand corner so it would remain the same no matter the screen size. I made the adjustment. I also changed the GTK them to "stardust" which offered a "windows-like" icon set. Finally I tweaked the main menu, removed unnecessary programs, added descriptions the the chemistry programs and changed the location of the "home" folder.

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  1. so the question is: Did the wife adopt this (so cute) puppy? is she going to be converted to linux and leave the dark side (aka windows) ??