Anyone ever heard of an online auction website?

I finally sold some stuff on EBay. I have thought about unloading various collectibles, refuse-ables, doodads/trinkets/chotchkies, and "what-have-yous" for quite some time, and always thought "hey, what about EBay?" Well the time has come to overcome my fears and give it a shot. So far, not too shabby. However, I definitely see how small-fry sellers like myself could get burned. It is easy to be bamboozled.

To date, I have sold just a few items:

3 cell phones, and a graphics card.

And have earned a grand total of $180 which has nicely offset my recent purchase of a netbook for my wife (asus eee). She loves it, and I must say, I am quite impressed with how much power can come in a little package for pretty cheap ($250).

I'm sure I'll have Ebay updates in the near future!

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