Refurbing a Toshiba A45-S150

My friend asked me to fix his laptop as it seemed to have a virus on it. Well after a boot I found not only virus trouble, but lots of out-dated, useless software (mostly AOL crap that I know is painful to get rid of). He said I could do whatever was needed, so I decided the easiest path would be to reformat with Puppy using gparted and then perform a reinstallation. I decided to partition the HD to allow installation of XP (ntfs) and linux (ext3) so after doing this with gparted, I proceeded to install an old copy of XP I obtained. It had a license key with it that was supposed to work :) but alas I have had to find a workaround.

A bigger problem with this job was losing all the toshiba drivers including those that run the network adapter. I spent a few minutes searching and finally came across this forum thread:


Which pointed me here:


This was critical as I was S.O.L. with most of the hardware on this machine without these!

So now I just need to get any other drivers deemed useful, deal with the activation, SP2 and SP3 upgrades, WGA issues and all that jazz. (yes windoze is a pain).

After the couple hours needed for all that, I'll take 30 min. to do a Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (lucid lynx) install just in case the other system goes to shit!

p.s. I figd out activation (FFX Madman), however it may have interfered with installation of MSOffice 2007.

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