Sony Vaio MotionEye Drivers

Somehow I managed to get the "motioneye" webcam working in windows 7 pro. I originally recieved this laptop with Vista installed and upon upgrading the webcam was not working. Basically I installed all the updates and then went to Sony's "esupport" page and searched for the model printed on the bottom (PCG-5K1L) which returned a different list of models. I chose the one with "EN" at the end and then installed the "Cam" driver for Vista (but I'm running 7? Right!) and it worked after that.

Now I am curious if I can make the webcam run in Ubuntu Linux (while I'm waiting around for a network upgrade to 10.04 LTS). I ran lsusb and found the driver info:

Ricoh Co., Ltd Visual Communication Camera VGP-VCC6 [R5U870]

Now I think I may be able to get some headway according to this site:


back for an update...


Installation of 10.04 took ~2 hours over a wireless connection (a bit slow, but I had other things to do anyway). It will take some time to see what kinds of advantages, upgrades, etc it really adds, but I expect to be fully satisfied.

After that I installed the following files from the above URL.:


Then I tried "cheese webcam booth" software and verified the motioneye webcam works!

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