Rockbox for Sandisk Sansa e280 v2

About 2 years ago a colleague at UNH told me about this free full featured firmware (oooh alliteration) for mp3 players called Rockbox (http://www.rockbox.org/). It has loads of themes that can be explored, simple playlist manager, and intuitive interface. For the Sansa e280 it also retains the FM radio functionality. Furthermore, it doesn't overwrite the mp3 player's existing firmware but is sort of a dual-boot. The problem for me was that the developers of Rockbox had not ported it to the Sansa e280 v2 at that time, only v1. Since then, I have checked in on the project every few months and after only a couple years wait, I finally got the opportunity to try it out (I guess at least grad-school taught me patience). The only quirk I have noticed is that the "back" button must be depressed when connecting the device to the computer by USB in order for it to mount on my Kubuntu box.

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