Twitterpated with Tweetdeck

As I have recently acquired my third diploma, I am currently in the market for a career...sort of. I know this friend of the family who happens to have substantial experience in "human resources," who has enlightened me regarding corporate recruiting in 2010. According to her wisdom, corporate recruiting is accomplished 95% through online social networks such as twitter, linkedin, and of course the mighty facebook. There are often new jobs that have not been advertised, instead they are filled through active corporate recruiting. As a result, it is imperative that today's professional, entry-level or otherwise generate a personal "brand" that is polished, accurate and consistent over multiple web-points. Therefore, despite my distaste for social media and how it is routinely utilized for false advertising, "bait-and-switch" tactics, hurtful defamation of character, rumor propagation or as a sounding-board for idiots; despite this, I must embrace it, harness its power and conquer it!

Hoopla aside, I was directed to the following article (click) which has sufficiently motivated me to push my linkedin account to 100%, make my fb profile a little more professional (i.e. remove the suspicious gas-mask) and actually start tweeting, or microblogging or updating my status or what-have-you. But, woe-is-me who has very little interest in this to begin with to have to update all these social-media sites so regularly. Can't I just have a single program where I can follow the updates and when I make an update it will syndicate it to all the social media sites I subscribe to? Well I went searching and settled on the first thing I found (a lot like how I ended up with my wife) ping.fm which is a website that accomplishes this syndication very easily. However, thanks to publicizing my interest in this syndication business, I was turned on to Tweetdeck, which is a superior tool for posting and managing multiple features to all these subscription sites. I also am really impressed that they are completely cross-platform (Michaelsoft Binbows, Macintosh Apples, and Linux) and I have it installed on my Kubuntu box at home, my wife's ubuntu netbook remix (though there I had to separately install Adobe AIR first) and my "business machine" running 7. Anyway, check out tweetdeck at tweetdeck.com

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