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It was over a year ago that my wife first told me about google analytics and I didn't listen too much...I had other motivations at the time I guess. However, with the launch of chemtoolbox.com, she mentioned it to me again and this time I dove right in!

Being in post-secondary school studying chemistry and biochemistry now for about 11 years, I should have developed an analytical mind...and I have, though probably not well enough to solve really tough problems. Despite this, I can appreciate a valuable analytical tool, and after setting up google analytics I was immediately impressed with the level of detail in a variety of metrics analyzed.

Categorically, google analytics is made up of 5 major sections, 3 of which are absolutely impressive: Visitors, Traffic, Content. The other 2 are Dashboard (overview) and Goals.

The Visitor category compiles data regarding visitors' demographic, spoken language, frequency, loyalty, depth of views, duration, bouce rate, what browsers they are using, what OS they are using, what network connections, and a bit more.

The Traffic Sources category lets you know if people are redirected to your site from a link on another site and what that site is, or if they are coming from search engines, or an e-mail client.

The Content category displays which pages are being viewed how often and for how long as well as which pages visitors are leaving the site from (exit page).

To many people, after reading this entry, you are probably thinking "welcome to the 21st century!" as this tool has been around for the better part of a decade now, but nevertheless, this is a new discovery for me!

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