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It occurred to me recently that it is a bit odd that I had only obtained Puppy Linux 2.16 and 4.21 and learned very little about puplets other than that they exist before moving forward on creating my own puplet without ever having tried a single other puplet. I'm not sure if that indicates arrogance, ignorance, ambition, or sloppiness on my part...nevertheless interesting.

However, now that I have released ChemPup and accumulated a whopping 41 downloads in just 2 weeks, I was, for some reason, prompted to take a look at a few other puplets which I decided I will continue to do and log my findings here.

First up is PupItUp Music Lab. The idea here is, as indicated by the name, to have the power and flexibility of Puppy Linux running a suite of music software that enables a mid-power computer to become a useful music composition and music education tool. 5 stars for concept, and still 4 stars for execution! The author (eztuxer) made several nice decisions for inclusion in this puplet which features numerous music software packages: AMUC, Audacity, Jack, LMMS, Muse Score, Qsynth, Rezound, and TK Solfege. The full description as well as links to download are available at pupitup.org.

After downloading, I had no trouble in booting up pupitup, however, upon shutdown and generation of a pup_save* file, I found pupitup did not load this save file on reboot! In general, I don't think you usually need to install Puppy Linux to utilize the pup_save* file, however, in this case a frugal install to /pupitup412/ and adding the pup_save* file to the same directory in the end seemed to be the cure. Since I run a fairly old laptop and have an interest in music composition, I was happy to add pupitup to my grub menu!

For now, my wife is very happy to be able to record YOUTUBE music using audacity for the purpose of learning. I briefly took a look at the LMMS sequencer and was impressed with its simplicity and usability. I'm also very interested in testing MUSE since I want to work more on my staff music composition. I will be testing it out a bit more and report here later.

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