GCompris, TuxPaint on puppy linux

These are fun for the kids, however, GCompris may be for 4+ not 2+ like advertised!

Here's the list of .pets you need to grab from here (reprinted from this forum thread):

Gcompris 8.4.13, and dependencies: 
gnucap + gnuchess + python + pysqlite + pycairo + pygobject +pygtk + SDL + SDL mixer +tuxpaint


+sqlite 3.6.12 
which you can get here

Also needed for TuxPaint: SDL_image-1.2.7-i486.pet + SDL_Pango-0.1.2-i486.pet + SDL_ttf-2.0.9-i486.pet + libpaper-1.1.23+nmu1-i486.pet from here as well :)

Note all the other goodies from the same site: Klavaro, Enigma, Childsplay, TuxMath.

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