Linuxsamplers: QSampler, JSampler

Installing LinuxSampler and QSampler on Ubuntu directions here.

More significantly just follow the CVS instructions from here.

Note that to install from the cvs source you must first install:

cvs, automake, g++, and respective dependencies, all of which are available through synaptic.

In addition either libsndfile or libaudiofile with the 'dev' files must also be installed.

Installing JSampler/Fantasia found here.

wrote the following script to launch JSampler: /usr/local/bin/fantasia
with help from here.


linuxsampler &
java -jar /opt/Fantasia-0.8a.jar
kill $samplerPID

Configure linuxsampler for jack support with > ./configure --enable-jack

Tutorial on setting up VTPO virtual orchestra with JSampler/Miditzer in Puppy Linux!

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